About PLK

Polska Liga Koszykówki S.A. is joint-stock company which runs the highest level competition in men's basketball in Poland.

 Polish Basketball League consists of 17 teams.

Polska Liga Koszykówki is the member of elite organisation ULEB - which gathers leading European clubs and leagues. Since 2006 PLK i salso the shareholder of Euroleague Commercial Assets S.A.

Current champion of Poland is Stelmet Zielona Góra, who beat Polski Cukier Toruń in the final. BM Slam Stral Ostrów Wielkopolski is the winner of bronze medals.


Polska Liga Koszykówki S.A.
ul. Erazma Ciołka 12, 01-402 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 877 30 40
fax +48 22 877 30 50
e-mail: biuro(at)plk.pl


Polska Liga Koszykówki S.A. - people


Grzegorz Bachański


Tomasz Kudlicki
Referees and Comissioners

Marcin Poślada
Marketing Manager





Bożena Banasiewicz
Chief Accountant

Sylwia Modzelewska


 Robert Gąsior
Sports and Administration

Magdalena Klonfas
Board Assistant




Wojciech Kłos